Tina Chouramanis began her travel career in 1980 as a Republic Airlines Flight Attendant, which later became Northwest. During that time she traveled to many locales throughout the United States, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and Hawaii. In 1987, Tina left the airlines to start a family and decided to go a different route in the travel industry. With 21 years of experience under her belt in the industry, it was time to branch off and in 2001 Aristo Travel was established. She began specializing in selling travel.

A few of Tina’s favorites spots to vacation with her family include Hawaii, visiting over 12 times, Aruba and other wonderful islands. Tina’s first-hand travel experience allows her to offer her clients insider advice, suggestions, and recommendations. Beyond all else, Tina’s favorite thing to do is produce the dream experience — whether an ultimate honeymoon, a best friends’ getaway, a once-in-a-lifetime multi-generational family celebration, a spring break ski trip for college students as well as Habitat for Humanity group travel. She is also a specialist in group and student travel.

Tina’s professional enthusiasm will enhance and enrich your travel experiences.

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